Akira Fujimoto


Da Vinci vs Caustic soda

肖像画の象徴を薬品で破壊。誰もが知る象徴的なオブジェクトを再記号化する「RECODE 01:Icon」シリーズ。絵画の構成要素である絵具、描画の二要素を、記号と化学変化に置きかえる現代絵画表現。

Akira Fujimoto uses chemicals to dissolve the print of Mona Lisa, a symbol of beauty, to be destroyed.
This is the way of contemporary art expression that substitute a color and drawing, which are basic two elements of painting, for a symbol and chemical reaction.
One of the "RECODE 01: Icon" series that is an attempt to symbolize an iconic object into something new.