Akira Fujimoto

Main stream

21_21 DESIGN SIGHTで開催された「再生・再創造展」にREBIRTH PROJECTとして参加。

This is the project that people make suggestion of new recycle mark to the original in 1969.
This is the fractal set of strings, which pattern repeatedly recurs itself at ever smaller scale. The fractal structure ring implies our lives should be represented as spiral rather than cycle.
It‘s been long since we Human live outside the saturated society. Even though we are only one tiny element among all on the earth, we again recognize our existence is supposed to be in a part of natural circulation, and can create big flow for better future by rationally taking control of ourselves to survive.
Joined "Reality Lab" at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT as REBIRTH PROJECT. Akira Fujimoto was responsible for direction, design, and visual production.